Global Chemical Regulations, Products and Substances Registration

Product Registration and Regulatory Advocacy

Chemical Regulations are increasingly becoming complex and chemical companies are turning to external consultants to provide additional or complementary expertise for many reasons.

  1. Products and Substances Registration
    Registration under the various registration schemes throughout the world. The Consultant has developed over the past 30 years an extensive range of contacts within regulatory agencies and with other locally based regulatory consultancies enabling the efficient registration of Products and Substances at competitive prices.
  2. Regulatory Consultancy and Advocacy
    This service draws on the wide ranging experience of the Principal Consultant and the extensive range of contacts that he has within trade groups, other companies; legal counsel, consultancies and regulatory agencies in all three regions of the world to bring to bear a wide range of expert skills on regulatory issues concerning Products and Substances.

Whatever your needs, Systox and its Associate Service Providers can create a tailored, efficient and cost-effective solution.