Mark Pemberton

Mark Alan Pemberton

Mark obtained his first degree in Biological Sciences at Manchester and his PhD at Bradford University. Mark worked for over 33 years within the chemical industry. During the first 21 years, Mark worked for ICI in Pharmaceutical research, as a study director and facility manager at the Central Toxicology Laboratory and latterly as a business toxicologist in the Chemicals and Polymers, Advanced Materials, Films, and Acrylics businesses. Mark was the founder of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) Methacrylates Sector Group Methacrylates Toxicology Committee and chaired this between 1992 and 2002. Mark is the current chairman of the US Methacrylate Producers Association (MPA), Science Committee and the US Cyanide Council Toxicology Committee, the US Cyanide Counsel and a member of the US Acylonitrile Association. Mark sits on several European, US and UK, National regulatory panels and workgroups. Mark is a member of the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) Scientific Committee and has worked on, chaired and directed several past and current task forces on chemicals and regulatory issues of interest to the Lucite business.

For 12 years Mark’s title was the Product Integrity Director and had several responsibilities within Lucite International. Mark was the company toxicologist providing mammalian and environmental toxicology expertise in support of manufacturing, R&D and commercial business functions. Mark directed a team responsible for national regulatory compliance and conformity declarations, as well as the production of global product safety documentation. Mark developed and directed programs through the regional (US and European) Trade Associations in support of international and national regulatory advocacy and compliance. Mark developed the Lucite SHE standards for Product Stewardship and led a network of business “Product Stewards” (technical and commercial managers) in quantifying product liabilities and developed programs for their mitigation. Mark also worked with the Company secretary and external legal counsel in Europe, US and Asia in managing product litigation matters. Since 2009, following the acquisition of Lucite International by the Mitsubishi Rayon Company Mark’s scope of support was extended to include the MRC business interests worldwide.

In August 2011 Mark established his Consultancy business enabling him to provide a unique service to a much wider range of companies and sectors. This service draws on Mark’s broad experience and extensive contacts developed over the past 30 years within industry, regulatory agencies and other locally based regulatory consultancies.