Global Product Strategy (GPS)

GPS chemical safety summaries

The chemical industry through the ICCA has committed by its global program on Responsible Care and the Global Product Strategy (GPS) to the safe management of chemicals in their entire life cycle. Transparency of communication to ICCA members, the general public and other stakeholders is being achieved through the production and dissemination of chemical safety summaries.

As society becomes increasingly risk adverse and regulations more precautionary the future for industrial chemicals often falls to political perception rather than the effectiveness of risk management measures. The Contractor is experienced in producing chemical safety summaries that effectively communicate complex hazard and risk assessment information to non-technical stakeholders thereby justifying the sustained use of the chemical.

The Contractor shall base the GPS summaries on information supplied by The Company or obtained from the internet and other sources for available hazard data for the substances including, where available, the REACH Chemical Safety Report (CSR) and harmonised EU CLP classification; representative manufacturer’s m(SDS)s; GHS classifications and manufacturer’s GPS summaries.

All work is subject to the terms and conditions documented in the Systox Limited Standard Commercial Terms